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Dream Evil

"Dream Evil" is a melodic power metal band from Sweden, assembled and integrated by renowned musical producer Fredrik Nordström in 1999.

Nordström, Meier and Frõnk had the ambition of creating a band of their own for a long time, but were yet to find somebody with musical ideals similar to theirs. However, while on holidays on the Greek islands during the year of 1999, Nordström met guitarist Gus G. (from Firewind and Mystic Prophecy). The musicians got along quite well, despite an age difference of over a decade. Plans for Dream Evil commenced, and shortly, Gus boarded a plane to Gothenburg, in which he and Nordström began writing material for the band.

In order for Dream Evil to become the band that they were idealising, it would need to have musicians of exceptional talent. The person who first came to their minds was Snowy Shaw (from King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and Notre Dame), but the drummer initially refused their invitation. Later on, he changed his mind and agreed to play on the band's debut album.

Vocalist Niklas Isfeldt had done backing vocals for some of HammerFall's songs produced by Nordström, and since Isfeldt was not involved in any major pro...

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