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Pete Droge

"Pete Droge" is an American adult alternative/folk rock musician.

His debut album ''Necktie Second'', released by American records in 1994, featured the tongue-in-cheek "If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)", (which also appeared on the soundtrack to the movie ''Dumb and Dumber''), as well as the songs "Sunspot Stopwatch" and "So I am Over You."

Droge's next album, ''Find a Door,'' was released 2 years later in the summer of 1996 under the name of Pete Droge and The Sinners; his backing band included Dave Hull (bass), Rob Brill (drums), Peter Stroud (guitar/vocals) and Elaine Summers (guitar/vocals). This album met with critical success but received little airplay. Notable songs include "You Should Be Running", "Dear Diane" and "Mr. Jade."

Droge subsequently released two more solo records, ''Spacey & Shakin" and ''Skywatching''; the latter was released on his own label, Puzzle Tree Records, through United Musicians.

In 1996 Droge contributed the title song to the movie "Beautiful Girls." Other credits include contributions to albums by Kim Richey and Stone Gossard.

In 2000, Droge appeared as a "Hyatt Singer" in the movie "Almost Famous" where he and ...

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