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Dry Cell

"Dry Cell" was a four-piece nu metal/hard rock music group originating from California in the United States. The band broke up late 2005, after vocalist Jeff Gutt and guitarist Danny Hartwell departed.


Part of the band formed in 1998 when guitarist Danny Hartwell and drummer Brandon Brown met at the "Ratt Show" on the Sunset Strip. They later met up with then-vocalist Judd Gruenbaum. The original name of the band was "Beyond Control".

After forming, the guys caught the attention of a Warner Brothers A&R Executive, Jeff Blue (responsible for Linkin Park), who then signed the band to a development deal. He also found a new lead singer for the band in Jeff Gutt from Detroit.

In an interview with the website, "The A&R Online", Mr. Blue described Dry Cell (at the time tentatively called "ImpĂșr") as: "they're like Metallica meets Incubus meets Linkin Park but heavier. No DJing, no rapping, very melodic and the kids are just phenomenal musicians".

Mr. Blue also goes on to tell how he discovered the band: "A friend of mine told me about the drummer who was 11 at the time and said how amazing he was. I ended u...

years active 1998 – 2005
origin California
country United States
music genre Nu Metal
Hard Rock
current members Jeff Gutt
Danny Hartwell
Judd Gruenbaum
Brandon Brown
website MySpace site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia