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Dry Cell

Dry Cell was a four-piece nu metal/hard rock music group originating from California in the United States. The band broke up late 2005, after vocalist Jeff Gutt and guitarist Danny Hartwell departed.

= Part of the band formed in 1998 when guitarist Danny Hartwell and drummer Brandon Brown met at the "Ratt Show" on the Sunset Strip. They later met up with then-vocalist Judd Gruenbaum. The original name of the band was "Beyond Control".

After forming, the guys caught the attention of a Warner Brothers A&R Executive, Jeff Blue (responsible for Linkin Park), who then signed the band to a development deal. He also found a new lead singer for the band in Jeff Gutt from Detroit.

In an interview with the website, "The A&R Online", Mr. Blue described Dry Cell (at the time tentatively called "Impúr") as: "they're like Metallica meets Incubus meets Linkin Park but heavier. No DJing, no rapping, very melodic and the kids are just phenomenal musicians".1<...

years active 1998 – 2005
origin California
country United States
music genre Nu Metal
Hard Rock
current members Jeff Gutt
Danny Hartwell
Judd Gruenbaum
Brandon Brown
website MySpace site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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