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"Dryve" (1993-1998) was an alternative Christian band from San Diego, California. The band included Paul Donovan and Cory Verner on guitars and vocals, Steve Pratschner on lead guitar, Keith Andrew on drums, David Pratschner on the accordion and Hammond B3 organ, and Michael Pratschner on bass guitar (upright and regular bass). The three Pratschners are brothers.

Dryve brought a unique sound to the San Diego music scene and beyond. For instance, few bands use a Hammond organ, but even fewer bands tour with one. They also mixed two male vocalists, harmonica, and accordion into their songs.

Their most popular song was called "Rain". It has been played by worship groups in churches throughout the country. Part of its appeal was the lengthy, dreamy, yet powerful guitar solo by Steve Pratschner.

In 1997, their album ''Thrifty Mr. Kickstar'' won "Best Adult Alternative Album" in the San Diego Music Awards. Also in 1997, Dryve was featured at the Cornerstone Christian music festival.

Due to each member's commitment to their family, Dryve broke up in 1998. However, Paul Donovan continued with a band called Mercury Switch. Michael Pratschner has played bass guitar with v...

years active 1993 – 1998
status Disbanded
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source: Wikipedia