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Duane Eddy

"Duane Eddy" (born April 26, 1938), is the most successful instrumentalist in Rock and Roll history.

Born in Corning, New York, in 1938, he began playing at age five, emulating his cowboy hero, Gene Autry. His family moved west to Phoenix, Arizona, in the early Fifties, where Duane met his longtime partner, co-writer and producer, Lee Hazlewood. Together, they created a successful formula based upon Duane's unique approach to his instrument, and Lee's experimental vision in the recording studio.

Duane Eddy introduced a unique, twangy sound to Rock and Roll guitar. As John Fogerty wrote in ''Rolling Stone'' about his style; "It was one of those untouchable unique things." Combining strong, dramatic, single-note melodies on the top strings, while bending the low strings through a combination of echoes and turning up the tremolo he produced a signature sound that was unlike anything yet heard - the sound that would be featured on an unprecedented string of thirty-four chart singles, fifteen of which made the top forty and sales of over 100 million worldwide. Later in his career, Eddy was interviewed by John Fogerty of ''Musician'' magazine about his style. Fogerty c...

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