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"Duman" is a Turkish rock band. The band successfully combines elements of traditional Turkish folk music with modern rock (in particular, grunge). Duman consists of "Kaan Tangöze" (vocals and rhytm guitar), "Batuhan Mutlugil" (lead guitar and backing vocals), and "Ari Barokas" (bass guitar and backing vocals).

In the early 90s, Kaan had been living in Seattle. It was here that he wrote his first song for the Turkish rock band he would form in the future. At the time he performed with a band called ''Mad Madame''. When he returned to Turkey, he met Batuhan Mutlugil and Ari Barokas who were performing with the ''Blue Blues Band''. Together they formed the band “Duman” (a Turkish word for “smoke”). After some searching for a drummer, they decided to work with out-of-band drummers. They worked with drummer Alen Konakoğlu for a long time until their last album.

Duman has recorded four albums, one of which is a live album. They released their first album, ''“Eski Köprünün Altında”'' in 1999 and their second, ''“Belki Alışman Lazım”'' in 2002. Both albums were great successes in Turkey and inspired a new generation of Turkish rock bands. In 200...

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