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"Eamon" or "Eamonn" is an Irish male name meaning 'wealthy guard'. The English equivalent is Edmund. Some people named Eamon include:


*Eamon Bulfin - Ireland's Consul to Argentina.

*Eamon Burns- former player for the Derry GAA team.

*Eamon Casey- Roman Catholic "Bishop Emeritus" of the Diocese of Galway, Kilmacduagh, Ireland

*Eamon de Valera - President of Ireland from 1959-1973

*Eamon Delaney - Irish author and freelance journalist

*Eamon Doyle - American R&B singer and songwriter

*Eamon Duffy - Professor of the History of Christianity in the University of Cambridge, and President of Magdalene College

*Eamon Dunphy - former professional football player for the Republic of Ireland and Manchester United.

*Eamon Everall - British artist and educator

*Eamon Gilmore - Irish Labour Party politician

*Eamon Grennan - Irish poet and Professor of English at Vassar College

*Eamon Hamilton - Musician

*Eamon Kavanagh - football player

*Eamon Ó Cuív - senior Irish Fianna Fáil politician and Minister for Community, Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs

*Eamon O'Neill - Irish professional wrestler

*Eamon Ryan - Irish Green Party politician

*Eamon Scanlon - Iris...

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