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Earl Slick

"Earl Slick" is a guitarist born in 1952.

Best known for his collaborations with David Bowie, though he has also worked with other artists (John Lennon : Double Fantasy, Milk and Honey, Anthology, Wonsaponatime, Yoko Ono, ...) and even released some solo recordings.

Slick was initially hired by Bowie to replace Mick Ronson during the ''Diamond Dogs'' tour. He stayed on for ''Young Americans'' and ''Station To Station''. Slick then became a hired gun, working for Leo Sayer, Ian Hunter, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono, and also formed his own solo band. He returned to Bowie for the Serious Moonlight tour to support ''Let's Dance'', then formed Phantom, Rocker & Slick with Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker. The early 2000s saw Slick return to Bowie's roster, appearing on the tour to support ''Heathen''. He also played on ''Reality'' and its supporting tour.

* ''The Earl Slick Band'' (1976)

* ''Razor Sharp'' (1976)

* ''In Your Face'' (1991)

* ''Lost and Found'' (2000)

* ''Live 1976'' (2001)

* ''Slick Trax'' (2002)

* ''Zig Zag'' (2

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