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Earth Crisis

"Earth Crisis" was a straight edge, vegan metalcore band from Syracuse, New York that recorded and performed from 1992 until 2001. They are perhaps best known for their political activism, particularly their views on the environment and animal rights. Earth Crisis was the band responsible for bringing these issues to the forefront of the hardcore scene in the mid-nineties. According to lore, the band refused to play even if one audience member was smoking, and would demand that the smoker put it out or the band would not play.

Also according to lore, at one show a prankster threw a piece of raw meat on stage during their set. The singer, Karl Buechner lept off the stage and assaulted the prankster.

In 2001, Earth Crisis played their final show at Hellfest in Syracuse,NY. Frontman Karl Buechner along with Bulldog and Erick Edwards started the band Freya.

Several of their shows ended in riots, sometimes with up to 20 police responding to break up the riot.

*Karl Buechner - vocals

*Scott Crouse - guitar

*Erick Edwards - guitar

*Ian Edwards AKA-Bulldog - bass

*Dennis Merrick - drums

*Kris Wiechmann - guitar

*Michael Riccardi - drums

*Ben R...

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