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"earthtone9" was an alternative metal band hailing from Nottingham, UK. Their line up on most of their major releases was Karl Middleton on vocals, Owen "Oz" Packard and Joe Roberts on guitar, Graeme Watts on bass and Simon Hutchby on drums (the latter was replaced for their final EP ''Omega'' by Alex Baker).

Signing to Copro records in 1998, the band's first major release was the album ''lo-def(inition) discord'', which comprised songs from their three demos with a few new tracks. Although it sounds as punchy as anything else on the British metal underground of the day, the whole record was produced on a budget of £500. Their harshest and noisiest recording, it quickly grabbed the attention of the British rock press, with favourable reviews in Terrorizer and Metal Hammer and a five-star rating in mainstream modern rock bible Kerrang!.

After extensive touring, ''Discord'' was followed in 1999 by Off Kilter Enhancement. Again it was a critical success, but commercial recognition was limited. The band had more time and money to play with this time, and it is here that the classic et9 sound crystallised - harsh metal inspired by Helmet and Neurosis, mixed with softer ...

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