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Ebba Grön

: ''This article is about Ebba Grön, the Swedish punk band. For the codeword used by the police, see Operation Leo.''

"Ebba Grön" was a Swedish punk band formed in 1977. The original members were Joakim Thåström (''Pimme''), Gunnar Ljungstedt (''Gurra'') and Lennart Eriksson (''Fjodor''). After their second album in 1981 they were joined by a fourth member, Anders Sjöholm (''Stry Terrarie'').

During a party in Rågsved, a working-class suburb of Stockholm, in 1977, Thåström, Gurra and Fjodor formed a band called ''The Haters''. A few days later they changed the name to Ebba Grön after the codeword used by the police in Operation Leo.

One of the first songs performed by Ebba Grön was the controversial ''Skjut en snut'' (Shoot a cop), which was never officially recorded. They released their first single ''Antirock'' on April 21, 1978. The band bought all the 500 copies themselves and sold them in the streets. After a concert at Långholmsparken, which was recorded by the national radio, they were contacted by Mistlur record label, and offered a contract and to re-release the single.

Ebba Grön started a hectic period of touring all over Sweden, dur...

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