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Econoline Crush

"Econoline Crush" was an industrial alternative rock band from Vancouver, Canada formed in 1992. Though originally from Seattle, they eventually moved to Canada, where they have been the most successful. Notable singles include ''"Home"'', ''"Sparkle & Shine"'' & ''"You Don't Know What Its Like"''.

The band seems to be on hiatus or disbanded, since Trevor Hurst recently started a new band called simply "Hurst".

Econoline Crush was formed in 1992 when singer Trevor Hurst moved from Canada to Seattle and answered an ad for a new band in a local newspaper. Hurst took the name of the band from Euxebe Auxtry's novel ''Jeu de Fountaine'', which involves a drug called ''econoline crush'' which made the user hopelessly optimistic. Sometime later, the band relocated in Vancouver.

In 1994, the band released their first EP called ''Purge'', and the band started building a steady following. Two years later, they followed it with the full-length album, ''Affliction''. However, it was 1998's ''The Devil You Know'' that proved to be the band's breakthrough. With a slightly more mainstream sound and catchy hooks, the album amplified the band's audience. The album already hit gol...

origin Seattle, Washington
country Vancouver, Canada
status Inactive
years active 1992–2005
music genre Industrial rock
current members Trevor Hurst, Robbie Morfitt, Ziggy Zigmond, Don Binns, Nico Quintal
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia