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Ed Harcourt

"Ed Harcourt" (born August 14 1977) is an English singer-songwriter from Lewes who as of 2006 has released six albums and has a relatively small but very enthusiastic fanbase.

Harcourt primary instrument is the piano, but he also plays several less common keyboard instruments as well as the guitar. When performing live he is accompanied by a band typically comprising a drummer, guitarist, violinist and trumpeter. His work is sometimes reminiscent of Tom Waits but still entirely his own, varied and passionate style.

Besides being a headliner himself, he has also played support for a lot of artists over the years, like REM, Wilco and Neil Finn. Before he went solo he was also in a band called Snug, he played the bass and keyboards for them.


thumb|right|Snug album


* ''Maplewood (EP, November 13, 2000)''

* ''Here Be Monsters (June 25, 2001)''

* ''From Every Sphere (February 17, 2003)''

* ''Strangers (September 13, 2004)''

* ''Elephant's Graveyard (Digital Download Only album with b-sides and rarities) (August 8, 2005)''

* ''The Beautiful Lie (June 5, 2006)''


* ''Something In My Eye (June 11, 2001)''

* ''She Fell ...

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