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Eddie Holman

"Eddie Holman" (born 3 June, 1946, in Norfolk, Virginia) is an American singer and recording artist.

His specialty ranges from R&B and pop to gospel. Although born in Virginia, Holman later grew up in New York City. It was his mother that brought Eddie into the world of serious music. Noticing that he loved to sing, even as early as the age of two, she introduced him to the piano and the guitar, where he quickly revealed a natural aptitude. His abilities, however, were confined mostly to church and family gatherings until 1956. It was then, at the age of ten, that Little Eddie Holman stepped onto the stage on Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater and showed his smooth tenor voice. His victory at the Apollo began to open many other doors for the young prodigy. Soon, Holman was performing at theaters on Broadway and even at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. Not wanting her son to miss any opportunity, his mother was able to get Holman enrolled at the Victoria School of Music in Harlem. At Victoria, he learned the technical craft of music and began to blossom. In 1962 Eddie made his first record.

As a teenager, Eddie and his family moved to Philadelphia. A...

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