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Eddie Vedder

"Eddie Vedder" (born "Edward Louis Seversen III" on 23 December 1964; sometimes listed as 1966) is the lead singer, lyricist, and one of the three guitar players for the band Pearl Jam. Vedder is known for his freakish stage presence which include headbanging, crowd surfing, and occasionally smashing up the mic stand at the end of each show. He is also notable for his deep, yet powerful vocal style.

Young Eddie was born and raised in Evanston, Illinois, outside Chicago. After his parents divorced in 1965, when Eddie was only one year old, his mother married a man named Peter Mueller.

In the mid-1970s, the family, including Eddie's three younger half-brothers, moved to San Diego County, California. It was at this point that Eddie, who had received a guitar from his mother on his 12th birthday, began turning to music as a source of comfort. Eddie's mother and Mueller divorced when Eddie was in his late teens. His mother and brothers moved back to the Chicago area, but Eddie remained with his stepfather in California so he would not have to change high schools. It was not until some time after the divorce that Eddie learned the truth about his parentage. The man he...

Background Khaki
Born December 23, 1964
Origin Evanston, Illinois
Genre Grunge
Occupation Singer-Songwriter-Guitarrist
Years active 1990 - Present
Instrument Vocals
Associated acts Pearl Jam
Bad Radio
Temple Of The Dog
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia