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"Edge" may refer to:

* In image processing, an ''edge'' is a position in a digital image where the luminous intensity changes sharply. See edge detection

* Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution, a technology that allows wireless devices to connect at data rates up to four times faster than existing GSM and GPRS wireless devices

* The Edge Software, a software label from Softek Software International Ltd

* In the sport of cricket, an ''edge'' is a slight deviation of the ball off the edge of the bat. See the list of cricket terms#E

* The EDGE, a brand of pizza produced by Pizza Hut, with toppings all the way up to the edge

* EDGE is a brand of snack products introduced by Frito Lay. These included Cheetos, Doritos, and Tostitos. These products are all recuded carbohydrate foods

Edge is a colloquial adjective to describe escarpments in England e.g.:

* Alderley Edge

* Edge, Cheshire is a small village and civil parish in the City of Chester district of Cheshire, England

* Edge Hill famous as the place of the first battle of the English Civil War

* Kinver Edge

* Wenlock Edge

* Striding Edge a crest in Lake District

* I...

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