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"Edgewater" is a Rock/Hard Rock band from the Dallas, Texas area.

The band's style is not aimed to fit into any particular genre. According to drummer Jeremy Rees, "Our music is like our name. It's got that edge to it and it's crunchy and really thick in the hardest places, but the overlays and melodies flow like water over the top."

* Matt Moseman - vocals

* Micah Creel - guitar

* Justin Middleton - guitar

* Jeremy "Worm" Rees - drums

* Ricky Wolking - bass guitar

* Cameron Woolf - bass guitar - Credited on the albums ''Edgewater'' and ''Lifter''. Left the band in November, 2002.

* Full Length Albums

** ''Edgewater'' (1999)

** ''Lifter'' (2001)

** ''South of Sideways'' (2004)

** ''We're Not Robots...'' (2006)

* Singles

** ''Eyes Wired Shut'' (2003)

** ''Inhale'' (2004)

** ''Caught in the Moment'' (2006)

* Edgewater : a singer not in it for show. A drummer called Worm. Two guitarists who seek new socks in every town they visit. And a self proclaimed “outcast guy” for a bassist. Five pieces that don't fit the typical “rockstar” mold— especially when it comes to their innovat...

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