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Eduardo Capetillo

"Eduardo Capetillo" (born in April 13, 1970) is a Mexican actor and singer. He was born in Mexico City, México. He belongs to the Capetillo family, who have a long tradition of being bullfighters.

Being still very young, he participated in some courses of preparation with the actress Martha Zabaleta and some courses of jazz in the center of qualification of Televisa. His career started when he won the festival Juguemos a Cantar, where he won the second place with the song ''Mi grupo toca Rock'' (''My band plays rock''), later launched by Orfeón Records.

He participated in the Spanish theatre version of ''Grease'', ''Vaselina'', and recorded his first telenovela in 1983 called ''Martín Garatuza''.

In 1986, Eduardo entered Timbiriche, occupaying the place of Benny Ibarra, the success took shape with the album ''Rock Shows'', launching that corresponds to the album ''Timbiriche VI'', then he recorded more hits in the group with the album ''Timbiriche VII'' and the album ''Timbiriche VIII'' and ''Timbiriche lX''. There are some songs in which Capetillo had solos and became hits, such as: ''No seas tan cruel'', ''Todo Cambia'', ''Con todos menos conmigo''. He was ...

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