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"Eggstone" is a Swedish pop music band, formed in 1986. The three members - Per Sunding (vocals, bass), Patrik Bartosch (guitar) and Maurits Carlsson (drums) - were raised in the small coastal town of Lomma, outside Malmö. In 1991 they formed Tambourine Studios in Malmö with friends Anders Nordgren and producer Tore Johansson.

Their debut album ''Eggstone In San Diego'' was released in 1992, followed by ''Somersault'' two years later. In early 1997, they released ''Vive La Différence!'', their third full-length album, on their own (and now defunct) Vibrafon label. ''Spanish Slalom'', a compilation album, was released in 1998 and a second compilation appeared in 1999 under the Tricatel label, titled ''Ca Chauffe en Suede!''.

* Patrik Bartosch - guitar

* Maurits Carlsson - drums

* Per Sunding - bass and vocals


Studio Albums

*''Eggstone In San Diego'' (1992)

*''Somersault'' (1994)

*''Vive La Différence!'' (1997)


*''Spanish Slalom'' (1998)

*''Ca Chauffe en Suede!'' (1999)


*''Bubblebed'' (1990)

*''Shooting Time'' (1991)

*''Eggstone At Point Loma'' (1992)

*''Eggstone In Lemon Grove'' (1992)

*''Water'' (...

years active 1986 – present
origin Lomma, Sweden
music genre Indie (music)
current members Patrik Bartosch
Maurits Carlsson
Per Sunding
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia