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"Eisbrecher" is a German Industrial Rock/Electronic music band that consists primarily of Alexx Wesselsky (Vocals) and Noel Pix (Lead Guitar/Programming), with live support of Felix Primc (Guitar), Miguel Benhke (Bass), René (Drums), and Maximator (Keyboards/Programming). Their style belongs to the so called ''Neue Deutsche Härte'' (New German Hardness) sub-genre. The band's sound can be compared to the world known, German band Rammstein, being also Industrial/Electronic.

After leaving Megaherz due to creative differences in 2003, Alexx Wesselsky got together with Noel Pix, who composed the synths and programming for Megaherz's albums Himmelfahrt and Kopfschuss. Eisbrecher is the brainchild of the two combining their musical ideas, concepts, and the like.

The band's name in translation from German means "Icebreaker". The band's lyrics and slogans often include terms of ice and sailing, such as "Ahoi" (Ahoy) and "Es wird kalt" (It's getting cold). The band's frontman, Alexx Wesselsky, often wears sailor's and military clothing in performances.


*''Eisbrecher'': released January 26, 2004

*''Antikörper '': to be released October 6, 2006



years active 2003 - present
origin Germany
music genre Rock (music)
current members Alexx Wesselsky
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia