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Eisley is an indie pop band from Tyler, Texas, consisting of four siblings (Chauntelle, Sherri, Stacy and Weston DuPree?) and their cousin (Garron DuPree?).

The band began when Chauntelle and Sherri wanted to start a band, but wouldn't let their younger sister Stacy (who was then 8 years old) join. Frustrated, Stacy wrote her own song, and her older siblings were so impressed that they allowed her to join. Their brother Weston (two years older than Stacy) later joined the band as the drummer. The DuPrees?' good friend and neighbor Jonathan Wilson became the band's bassist in late 2001. Jon decided to step down as bassist in July 2005 during their tour with Hot Hot Heat, maintaining a good relationship with the band. He was replaced as bassist by Garron DuPree?, the DuPrees?' then fifteen year old cousin.

The band's name changed several times in thei...

years active 1998 - present
country Tyler, Texas
music genre Indie Pop, Indie Rock
current members Chauntelle DuPree
Sherri DuPree
Weston DuPree
Stacy DuPree
Garron DuPree
past members Jonathan Wilson
Taylor Muse
Amy Whittacker
website Official web site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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