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"Ekhymosis", is the first band of Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez (Juanes), along with friends Andrés García, Fernando "Toby" Tobón and José David Lopera from Medellín. The band formed in 1988 with heavy influences from Metallica and other important metal acts of the 80s.

After some live performances to get known in their city (and more regions of Colombia), the band recorded a demo which included two songs, which described the violence in Medellín, injustice due to the deaths of innocent people and problems in Colombia. The demo sold out (thanks to friends and family of the band), and they decided to record another one.

This time Ekhymosis had luck: In the studio was a Codiscos representative; she heard and liked the demo and the band signed with the Company.

1993 saw the release of ''"Niño Gigante"'', a heavy metal album that included one of the band's most well known songs: ''"Solo"''.

Controversy and the " sell-out " term surrounded the band with their next release: 1994's ''"Ciudad Pacífico" ''produced by Federico Lopez, a more soft/hard rock oriented record with more latin sounds.

Ekhymosis was looking for their unique sound, they didn't wa...

years active 1988—1998
origin Medellín, Colombia
music genre Latin music
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia