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Ekoostik Hookah

"əkoostik hookah" is a rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Every year they host two large music festivals known as Hookahville typically located at Frontier Ranch in Kirkersville, Ohio. Hookahville occurs once in spring, over Memorial Day weekend, and once in fall over Labor Day weekend. At Hookahville one can listen to a variety of bands, enjoy the outdoors, camping, and good company.

Not only do they host Hookahville, but recently they have started making trips to Amsterdam and Jamaica for shows.

For fans not interested in traveling they routinely play at the Newport Music Hall, and Promowest Pavilion in Columbus.

The band is comprised of Dave Katz, vocals/keyboards, Steve Sweney, lead guitar, Cliff Starbuck, bass/vocals, Eric Lanese, drums, John Mullins, vocals, rhythm guitar.

Former members include Ed McGee and Johnny Polansky. Both of which left for the band One Under

Also, əkoostik hookah will go on hiatus until Spring of 2006 to regroup. However in the meantime they will enjoy many side projects and will regroup as "Under Full Sail" with John Mullins returning on Guitar for a spring (2006) trip to Jamaica.

The band and fans subscribe to a po...

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