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El Último de la Fila

El Ãltimo de la Fila (formerly Los Burros) was a Spanish music group created in the mid 1980s in Barcelona, Spain. The original members were Manolo García and Quimi Portet.

Manuel García García-Pérez (from Poble Nou, Barcelona, Spain) had been a singer and composer in Los Rápidos for a couple of years when he met Quimi Portet Serdá (Plana de Vic, Barcelona, Spain). Portet was a member of the group Kilimanjaro's at the time, in Hostalets de Bayanlá in 1982. Together, with Antonio Fidel and Jordi Vila, they formed the group Los Burros, and as such they recorded an album called Rebuznos de Amor.

Los Burros eventually changed their name to El Ãltimo de la Fila and won the rough cuts contest of the Rock Spezial magazine with their songs A cualquiera puede sucederle and Cuando la pobreza entra por la puerta, el amor salta por la ventana.

They then joineed the independent music company PDI and in 1985, where they recorded their first full album, Cuando la pobreza entra por la puerta, el amor salta por la ventan...

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