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Electric Soft Parade

"The Electric Soft Parade" are a Brighton based indie rock band comprising siblings Alex (guitar/vocals) and Tom White (guitar/main vocals), who are the creative core of the band, as well as a number of other musicians who they record and perform live with; Matthew Twaites from Restlesslist on bass and Mathew Priest from Dodgy on drums.

Alex and Tom formed Fixed Ascent, which became The Feltro Media (with bassist Alistair Gavan, now of Diomedes), before renaming themselves The Soft Parade and signing to indie label DB in early 2001 (without Gavan). They added the 'Electric' part of their name shortly after their early singles began getting some attention in the rock press - they were threatened with legal action by a Doors tribute band if they did not change it. This did not halt their rise to (relative) fame at all, however, and their debut album, ''Holes In The Wall'', was issued in February 2002. It was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize later that year, although they did not win the award.

Their second album, ''The American Adventure'' appeared in October 2003, now on BMG records.

Alex and Tom have since started a side project in the form of Brakes with Britis...

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