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Electric Wizard

"Electric Wizard" are a stoner metal/doom metal band from Dorset, England.

One of the more popular bands from their genre, they have a trademark sound which is extremely sludgy.

During 2003, founding members Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening left Electric Wizard to form their own band, Ramesses.

Currently, they are signed to Rise Above Records.

Often referred to as the "heaviest band in the universe", Electric Wizard were formed in 1993, when Jus Oborn left his then band "Eternal/Thy Grief Eternal" and joined with Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening to record the split single ''Demon Lung'' with "Our Haunted Kingdom" (later to become Orange Goblin). The band's self-titled debut album was released two years later to good reviews, but it was 1997's Come My Fanatics... that really cemented their place in doom metal history. Extremely downtuned and bass-heavy, the album is often described as one of the heaviest records of the nineties.

This was followed up with the Chrono.Naut split EP with Orange Goblin, and then another EP, Supercoven, in 1998. The latter saw a rawer, more "stoner" Wizard, and featured an old demo and a live track, along with two new songs.

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years active 1993–present
status Active
country Bournemouth, England
music genre Doom metal, Stoner metal
current members (Left to right) Rob Al-Issa, Jus Oborn, Justin Greaves, Liz Buckingham
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia