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Electric Frankenstein

Electric Frankenstein

"Electric Frankenstein" is an American band from Whippany, New Jersey, that fuses elements of punk rock and heavy metal to form a high-octane rocknroll sound. The song "Annie's Grave" by this band was featured in the "Tony Hawk's Underground" video game.


"Danny Frankenstein" (born "Donato Canzonieri") is the bassist and co-founder, along with brother Sal Canzonieri, of Electric Frankenstein. He also plays in hardcore deathrock band When I Was Dead with Tony Cadena of The Adolescents.

He plays a Fender Precision bass and occasionally an Ibanez Iceman bass.

Prior to starting Electric Frankenstein in 1992, he briefly played bass for Shadow Project (with Rozz Williams of Christian Death) replacing Jill Emery who went on to join Mazzy Star. His previous bands include Kathedral and Empire Hideous.

He has also designed record covers for Christian Death, Electric Frankenstein, and Rat Fink creator Ed Roth.


Guitarist and founder of Electric Frankenstein, the popular High Energy Punk Rock & Roll band.

Guitarist for the Kung Fu Killers, old-school style hardcore punk.

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