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Electric Sun

Electric Sun

"Electric Sun" was a music group formed by Uli Jon Roth after his departure from the Scorpions in 1978. They recorded three albums between 1979 and 1985.

The first album, 'Earthquake', was released in 1979 and features guitarist/vocalist Roth, bassist Ule Ritgen and drummer Clive Edwards. Edwards departed quickly after recording the first album.

'Fire Wind' came next in 1981, featuring new drummer Sidhatta Gautama. The band toured for a few years afterwards. While the first two albums were a trio format, the third album was more of an ensemble project. Veteran drummer Clive Bunker, formerly of Jethro Tull, appeared, as did Ritgen, guest vocalists Michael Flechsich and Nicky Moore, and an array of various singers and orchestral musicians. Another feature of the album was the invention of Roth's Sky Guitar. The name Electric Sun was retired in 1986, and Uli Jon Roth continued to pursue his classical-inspired rock under his own name.

* Earthquake 1979

*Fire Wind 1981

*Beyond the Astral Skies

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