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"Elefant" is an Indie band from New York. Their full-length debut, "Sunlight Makes me Paranoid," was re-released in October 2004 on Hollywood Records following the success of the single, "Misfit". The album was originally released on April 8 2003 by Kemado Records.

Elefant's sophomore album, The Black Magic Show, was released April 20 2006.

Their debut EP "Gallery Girl" was released February 4 2003.

*Diego Garcia -Vocals

*Kevin McAdams - Drums

*Mod - Guitars

*Jeff Berrall - Bass

*Gallery Girl (EP)

*Sunlight Makes me Paranoid (LP)

*The Black Magic Show (LP)

* Official Elefant page

* Official Myspace page

* Elefant on MTV Overdrive

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