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Elemeno P

Elemeno P are a New Zealand based band. Their sound is guitar driven rock. Their first album, Love and Disrespect, was released on July 4 2003 at the number one spot and has since sold over 45,000 copies. Their second album, Trouble in Paradise was released on November 24 2005 and includes the singles "11:57", "Burn", "One Left Standing", and "You Are".

*Scotty Pearson - Drums *Dave Gibson - Vocals *Lani Purkis - Bass, Backing Vocals *Justyn Pilbrow - Guitar, Backing Vocals

== Other projects =

  • Two of the band members are also actors. Dave had a supporting part in the New Zealand made horror film The Locals, whereas Justyn was the sober driver in the New Zealand anti-drink driving advertisement made famous by the quote "Good after-bull consta-noon".
  • Lani is also the bass player in New Zealand girlband Foamy Ed.

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Background group or band
Origin New Zealand
Genre Rock music
Years active 2003 - present
Current members Scotty Pearson
Dave Gibson
Lani Purkis
Justyn Pilbrow
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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