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"Elisa Toffoli", or "Elisa", is an Italian singer. She sings in several musical genres that go from rock, to the blues, soul and ambient. She recently had a duet with Tina Turner with the song "Teach Me Again" for the film All the Invisible Children.

Born in Monfalcone, Gorizia, Italy on 19 December, 1977, since childhood she expressed a great artistic ability: dancing, painting, reciting and writing stories. Her love for art grew with poems of Rudyard Kipling and the lyrics of Jim Morrison, but the best of her talent is expressed in music. At the age of 11 she wrote her first lyrics and melody.

When she was 17 Elisa signed with Sugar. When she was 18 she left for Berkeley, where with Corrado Rustici (producer of Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Francesco De Gregori, Claudio Baglioni) she worked on the songs of the album ''Pipes and Flowers''.

In May 1997 she released the first single, ''Sleeping in Your Hand''. On 22 September the album ''Pipes and Flowers'', produced by Corrado Rustici, which soon went Triple Platinum in Italy. Elisa was the author of all lyrics, written in English, and of the melodies as well.

She sang at the cl...

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