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"Popgruppen E.M.M.A" are a Swedish girl group.

They are mostly popular in Sweden. They have had three albums and eight singles. They went on several small tours in Sweden. They came into existence in 2001 and officially broke up on Oct 26, 2005. There names are Elin (b. 25/12 1990), Martina (b. 1/12 1988), Marilinn (b. 10/5 1992) and Alexandra (b. 22/2 1990).

Here is the complete discography:

Single "En hemlighet" -2001

Single "Varje gång" -2001

Album "E.M.M.A." -2001

Single "Bubblar i mej" -2002

Single "SMS" -2002

Album "Vänner" -2002

Single "Vi ska alltid vara vänner" -2003

Single "Bamses födelsedagsvisa" -2003

Singel ”Precis som du är” -2004

Album ”Tur & Retur” -2004

Singel ”Sol, vind och vatten” -2004

More information is to be found on the band's homepage.

* Popgruppen E.M.M.A Official Website

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