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Envy is one of the foremost hardcore/screamo bands in Japan. They have a large following outside of their native Japan, and are signed to the Rock Action label. Vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa was featured on the song "I Chose Horses" on Scottish post-rock band Mogwai's newest album Mr Beast.

= *Tetsuya Fukagawa (vocals/sequencer) *Nobukata Kawai (guitar) *Masahiro Tobita (guitar) *Manabu Nakagawa (bass guitar) *Dairoku Seki (drums)

= *Far East Hardcore Comp LP/CD (Got's Pop/Slam Records) *Platform Comp 7" (Never Shown Face) *No Fate Comp CD (H.G. Fact) *For Ugly For Beautiful Vol. 3 Comp CD (Lunch Service Records) *Breathing And Dying In This Place CD (H.G. Fact) *Split 7" with Sixpence (H.G. Fact) *Split 7" with Endeavor (H.G. Fact) *From Here To Eternity LP/CD (H.G. Fact) *Angel's Curse Whispered In The Edge Of Despair LP/CD (H.G. Fact) *Eyes Of Final Proof 7" (H.G. Fact) *Split 7" with This Machine Kills (H.G. Fact) *Eyes Of A Single-Eared Prophet CD (H.G. Fact) *Burning Out Memories 10" (Moraire Industries) *Last Wish 7" (H.G. Fact) *Lucky Thirteen Comp LP (Nova Recordings) *All The Footprints You've Ever Left An...

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