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Eric Champion

"Eric Champion" is a Christian singer-songwriter and guitarist. In the beginning of his music career, he was a pop singer. His music sounded like that of early Michael W. Smith and Sandi Patti.

In 1996, with the release of his ''Transformation'' album, Champion revealed his own transformation. He was tired of trying to fit the mold of a Christian pop singer. This unique album was a huge departure from his previous music. It introduced rock guitars, sythesizer loops, special effects, and crooning lyrics and voice overs.

In addition to the abrupt change in his musical style, he also changed his appearance. Instead of dressing up nicely and looking like a nice boy on a prom date, he dyed his hair and got a new wave cut. He also began wearing clothes that looked more like his new, post-grunge counterparts than his previous pop singer ones.

In 1998, Champion was featured at the Atlanta Fest Christian music festival.

* ''Unexpected EP'', 2005

* ''The Greatest Hits of Eric Champion'', 2000

* ''Natural'', 1998

* ''Transformation'', 1996

* ''Lover's Heart (Soft Hits)'', 1995

* ''Vertical Reality'', 1994

* ''The B/W Project'', 1993 (Along with Rodney ...

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