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Eric Roche

"Eric Roche" was a fingerpicking guitarist who died from cancer in September 2005.

The Official Eric Roche Website may be found at

Eric played many styles of guitar including Classical Irish Folk Jazz even touching on Rock and more.

He will probably be most remembered for his percussive style of playing which involved drumming on the body work of the guitar to create the sound of various different drums and even a sound similar to a DJ scratching.

He taught at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, as well as writing for Guitar Techniques. And also released a complete guide to the acoustic guitar - The Acoustic Guitar Bible by Eric Roche.

* ''The Perc U Lator'' - 1999

* ''Acoustic Avalon (Live Compilation)'' - 1999

* ''Spin'' - 2001

* ''Eric Roche in concert at The Electric Theatre (DVD)'' - 2003

* ''With These Hands'' - 2004


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