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Eric Serra

"Eric Serra" (born on September 9, 1959) is a French composer, often working with Luc Besson on his movies.

Eric Serra's father Claude was a famous French song writer in the '50s and '60s, and, as such, Eric was exposed to music and its production at a young age. His mother died when he was just seven years of age. In the early '80s Serra met director Luc Besson and was asked to scored his first movie 'L'Avant dernier' (1981). Serra has scored every single one of Bessons directed movies to date and several that Besson has written such as Wasabi.

In 1995, Eric Serra was chosen to compose the score to the James Bond film ''GoldenEye'', which was quite an avant-garde soundtrack compared to previous Bond films, and it met with mixed opinions from film critics.

From 1980 to 1988 Eric Serra played bass guitar for French singer Jacques Higelin.

Eric Serra is also a talented songwriter, most notably previously having written songs for ''Le Grand Bleu'' (''The Big Blue'') (a song titled 'my lady blue') and ''Léon'' (Titled 'Hey Little Angel', however this was unused in the actual film, save a few minor instrumentals. It was to be used in the final scene/credit...

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