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"Erreway" (or "R-way") is an Argentinean pop band formed during the development of television series Rebelde Way. The band members are Luisana Lopilato, Camila Bordonaba, Benjamin Rojas and Felipe Colombo. Bordonaba, Colombo and Lopilato were also members of the well known telenovela, Chiquititas. The band got gold and platinum albums Peru, Argentina, Israel and parts of Western Europe. The band is also famous in the country of Greece because the telenovela Rebelde Way aired there.

The band has caused dispute amongst fans of metal music and fans of pop music.

Erreway has released three albums: Señales (signs), Tiempo (time) and Memoria (memory).

Many people say that Tiempo is the best album made.

Erreway broke up in December of 2004, however El Disco de Rebelde Way came out in 2005. Camila Bordonaba and Felipe Colombo recently visited Spain in order to promote their previous

albums Señales and Tiempo, which still sell well there. Signing events drew fans in the thousands.


"Total worldwide sales albums: 5 million."

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|align="left"|"''Señales"'' years active 2002–2005 origin Buenos Aires, Argentina music genre latin pop rock current members Luisana Lopilato, Camila Bordonaba, Benjamin Rojas and Felipe Colombo, Jazmin Beccar

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