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"Eskobar" is the name of a Swedish indie/pop band that was founded in 1996 some 30 kilometres north of Stockholm, in the small town of Åkersberga. The band features Daniel Bellqvist as its lead singer, Frederik Zäll on guitars, and Robert Birming on drums.


''Eskobar'' has its roots in the early 1990s when Daniel Bellqvist left his band to join Frederik Zäll’s band called ''FOF'' (an acronym for "Fish Or Fantasy?") in 1994. The two musicians had previously met in their high school band class. In their incarnation as ''FOF'', Daniel played bass while Frederik played guitar, and since Grunge was the popular musical style of the time, the band settled on this genre as their signature style. During this time the band also changed its name to ''Cripplefish''.

In less than a year, ''Cripplefish's'' sound began to evolve from Grunge into Pop, prompting the lead singer, Staffan, to leave the band. This shift in genre style led to a significant reformulation of the band. ''Cripplefish'' was renamed, this time taking the name ''The Bugs,'' but without a lead singer, Daniel was forced to pick up the slack on vocals while playing base. Another reshuffling of the band's lin...

years active 1996—present
status Active
origin Stockholm, Sweden
music genre Indie-rock
current members Daniel Bellqvist (vocals)
Frederik Zäll (guitars)
Robert Birming (drums)
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source: Wikipedia