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"Esteban" (born 1948 in Pittsburgh, PA) is the stage name of guitarist "Stephen Paul". Recognizable by his bolero hat and sunglasses, Esteban has gained commercial success by selling his CDs and guitars on QVC and HSN.

Esteban is the son of a steel worker and one of four children. Some of his earliest influences were Benny Goodman, Andrés Segovia, and Vincente Gomez. It was Esteban's uncle who bought him his first guitar, a nylon-stringed Goya, at eight and a half. Esteban taught himself to play and was soon winning talent shows at his school. By the age 12, he was already teaching his peers for $3 a lesson. Esteban was also a baseball pitcher as a youngster. His playing career ended when he was blinded, in his left eye, by a line drive. A graduate of SOUTH HILLS CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL in Pittsburgh.

At Carnegie Mellon University, Esteban double majored in music and English. He still managed to teach 150 students a week and play at night clubs. As his classical guitar skills progressed, his infatuation with Andrés Segovia grew. Esteban began seriously pursuing Segovia's instruction after college and sent the same message to every hotel he stayed at: "My life is mean...

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