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Eurythmics (often incorrectly referred to as "The Eurythmics") are a British musical duo, formed in 1980 by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart.

The pair have achieved significant global commercial and critical success, winning numerous awards, and have toured worldwide. They are often highly regarded for their intellectual pop songs, which showcase Lennox's powerful and expressive alto voice, and Stewart's innovative production techniques. They are also noted for their striking promotional videos to accompany their singles.

Their entire song catalogue has been published by BMG Music Publishing since 1982.

= The pair had first worked together as members of The Tourists. During this time, they were also romantic partners. This band achieved modest commercial success, but the experience was reportedly an unhappy one. Personal and musical tensions existed within the group, whose main songwriter was Pete Coombes, the band often received very negative critical press in the UK, and there were legal wranglings with the band's management, publishers and record labels. Lennox and Stewart felt the fixed band line-up was not a good vehicle to explore the...
origin London, England
years active 1980 – Present (time)
music genre Rock and roll
current members Annie Lennox
David A. Stewart

license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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