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Evan Dando

"Evan Griffith Dando" was born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 4, 1967. He was one of the two lead singers of the alternative group, Lemonheads.

The Lemonheads were formed by Evan Dando and Ben Deily, at the Commonwealth School in Boston circa 1986. At this stage they played very snotty punk rock, and were briefly known as the Whelps, until a name change in 1987 led to the birth of the Lemonheads, a candy which Dando noted was sweet on the outside, and sour on the inside, possibly a metaphor for the band's sound. Their very first recording as a group was titled "Laughing All the Way to the Cleaners." Dando enrolled at Skidmore College, but couldn't maintain his grades and dropped out to pursue a career as a musician. Having signed to local label Taang! The Lemonheads released the albums "Hate Your Friends", "Creator," and "Lick" with Deily and Dando sharing lead vocals and songwriting duties until about 1989, when Dando left the band.

However, the lure of a European tour and moderate success of single "Luka" brought Dando back on tour with the Lemonheads, where night after night he continually played the guitar riff of "Sweet Child O' Mine" during Deily's songs. The re...

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