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Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die is a five-piece band from Buffalo, New York, founded in the winter of 1998. The band is currently signed to Ferret Records and their latest album, Gutter Phenomenon, was released on August 23, 2005.

Though popularly classified as metalcore, Every Time I Die's sound also contains elements of southern rock. The band is widely known for both their extreme attention to detail in song structure and for their uniquely poetic lyrics.

Every Time I Die have also gained notable recognition for their energetic live performances.

  • Keith Buckley: Vocals
  • Andrew Williams: Guitar
  • Jordan Buckley: Guitar
  • Chris Byrnes: Bass
  • Michael "Ratboy" Novak Jr.: Drums

  • John McCarthy?: Bass
  • Aaron Ratajczak: Bass
  • Steve Micciche: Bass
  • Kevin Faulk: Bass
  • Sean Hughes: Drums

= *Last Night In Town (Ferret Records, 2001) *Hot Damn! (Ferret Records, 2003) *Last Night in Town (reissue) (Ferret Records, 2004) ...

years active 1998–Present
music genre Metalcore
status Active
origin Buffalo, New York
country United States
current members Keith Buckley
Andrew Williams
Jordan Buckley
Chris Byrnes
Michael Novak Jr.
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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