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Infobox_band | band_name = Exilia | image = Image:Exilia.jpg | years_active = 1998 - present | country = Italy | music_genre = Nu metal or grunge| record_label = Gun Record {Sony BMG} | current_members = Masha (vocals)Elio Alien (guitar)Random (bass)Ale (drums)| past_members = Andrea Ge (drums)| website =|

Exilia is an Italian nu metal musical group, though they claim they are also in part inspired by harder sorts of grunge. They combine different elements of classic metal, rock, and hard rock in their music.

Exilia formed in 1998 in Milan, Italy, when Masha met guitarist Elio Alien.

They have played at concerts with Guano Apes, H-Blockx, Clawfinger, HIM, Therapy?, In Extremo, Rammstein, and Ill Nino.

Their debut album, Rightside UP, was released in 2000. Their following album, Unleashed, debuted in May 2004, and made Top 40 in German charts. In April 2005, band member Andrea Ge left left the band and Ale took his place as...

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