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Eyesburn is a Serbian hardcore-reggae band. The band is from the Serbian capital, Belgrade.

== History =

Eyesburn was formed 1994., and the original line up was: Coyot - guitar & back vocals, Laza-bass, Alek-drums and Nenad-vocals. Since the band originated from the BG HC scene, the first album (MC) was recorded live at BG club KST. After the cassette went public (at least underground), as well as before that, Eyesburn played mostly in Belgrade clubs, occasionally having a gig or two elsewhere in Serbia. During that period, second guitar player Gillespie joined the band and they all started to work on band’s first studio album ”Dog Life” (CD/MC). Unfortunately, vocalist Nenad left the band just weeks before studio, and Coyot took his place as a lead singer, continuing to expand his enormous musical talents and skills. After the album release, Gillespie also left the band, and band continued to play as a trio. At the same time, Coyot starts to take active role as a trombone player as well, and the band started musical exploration of other genres (reggae, dub, drum & bass…) making its own specific mixture of styles,...

years active 1994–present
country Belgrade, Serbia
music genre Hardcore punk/Reggae
current members Aleksandar Petrovic
Nemanja Kojic
Dalibor Vucic
Zoran Djuroski
Dusan Petrovic
Vukasin Markovic
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia


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