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F.Y.P (aka Five Year Plan) was Todd Congelliere's rock and pop punk predecessor to his current band Toys That Kill. From 1989, when Todd began work on the first EP until disbanding in 1999, F.Y.P gained notoriety (not to mention a noticeable increase in talent) in the DIY punk scene for touring the world several times bankrolled and set up by Congelliere. The group began as a one man band with a cheap Fisher Price drum machine providing the beat.


  • Extra Credit (1990)
  • Made In USA (1991)
  • Finish Your Popcorn (1992)
  • Cooties (1993)
  • My Neighbores Is Stoopid (1993)
  • Guido, Where Are You? (1993)
  • Incomplete Crap (1994)
  • Dance My Dunce (1994)
  • Idiocy 101 (1994)
  • Propagandhi/F.Y.P. (1996)
  • Toilet Kids Bread (1996)
  • My Man Grumpy (1997)
  • Incomplete Crap Vol. 2 (1999)
  • Chaniwa/F.Y.P (1999)
  • Come Home Smelly (2000)
  • Toys That Kill (2000)
  • Five...
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