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Faith No More

"Faith No More" was a highly influential alternative metal/rock group that formed in San Francisco, California in 1982 and disbanded in 1998.

Their music combined elements of heavy metal, pop, rap and funk. They have also been known to implement jazz elements in some of their songs, such as "Smaller And Smaller" from their ''Angel Dust'' album, "Edge of the World" on ''The Real Thing'', "Evidence" on ''King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime'', and "Stripsearch" on '' Album of the Year'', among others.

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Faith No More formed in 1982 out of the ashes of Faith No Man, a band formed and headed by Mike "The Man" Morris. Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin, and Bill Gould left Faith No Man. They chose the name Faith No More at the suggestion of a friend (as "The Man" was ''no more''). After cycling through a few guitarists, the members recruited Jim Martin. A number of singers were tried, including a six month stint by Courtney Love as confirmed by Mike Bordin in a 1997 interview. An airing on San Francisco Public Access TV has since ...

origin San Francisco, California
status Inactive
years active 1982–1998
music genre Alternative metal/Rock (music)
current members Roddy Bottum
Billy Gould
Mike Bordin
Mike Patton
Jon Hudson
past members Chuck Mosely
"Big" Jim Martin
Dean Menta
Trey Spruance
Mark Bowen
Courtney Love
Wade Worthington
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia