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"Falconer" is a distinctive Swedish power metal band, formed by the former guitarist of Mithotyn Stefan Weinerhall. Falconer carry on many of the traditions set by Weinerhall's previous band and play a style of power metal that expertly utilises folk instrumentation and melody to create a more medieval sound.

* ''Falconer'' (2001)

* ''Chapters From a Vale Forlorn'' (2002)

* ''The Sceptre of Deception'' (2003)

* ''Grime vs. Grandeur'' (2005)

* ''Northwind'' (2006)

When the band Mithotyn dissolved in 1999, Stefan went on to what would later become Falconer, with the same kind of melodies and epic lyrics. But now the mind was set on a clear vocalist. After a while a demo was recorded and Mathias Blad was found to do the vocals as a session member.

This demo was sent to different labels throughout Europe and after some time there was a couple of contracts to choose between. Since the demo was recorded with a drum machine Stefan realised that he had to get a real drummer if there would be an album recording to be done in the future. Karsten Larsson (also ex-Mithotyn) was no problem to convince to join up with Falconer. Mathias was also enthusiastic to join t...

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