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"Fangoria" is an electro-pop band, the brainchild of Alaska and Nacho Canut.

In 1977 Alaska, along with Nacho Canut and Carlos Berlanga formed the band "Alaska y los Pegamoides". Later, in 1982, they changed the name to "Alaska + Dinarama". In 1989 Carlos Berlanga left, and the band transformed once again, this time adopting the name of the American horror film magazine Fangoria (they had already made clear their fascination with US Grade-Z movies with songs like "Mi novio es un Zombi" ''"My Boyfriend Is A Zombie"'' and "La rebelión de los electrodomésticos" ''"The household appliance rebellion"''). With each name change, the band has been driving away from punk and embracing electronic pop, although strong guitars are normally present in their performances.


*Canciones Profanas

**1. Crisis

**2. Cebras

**3. Kali

**4. Líneas rectas

**5. Club de egipcios

**6. Perlas ensangrentadas

**7. Rey del glam

**8. Egeo

**9. Sacerdotisas de Baal

**10. Nativos

**11. Deja de bailar

*Perlas ensangrentadas

**1. Perlas Ensangrentadas

**2. Mujeres rusas

**3. Enanos asesinos


**1. Crisis

**2. No hay

**3. Señora Kleenex

*Deja de b...

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