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"Faust" is a German band, originally composed of Hans Joachim Irmler, Werner "Zappi" Diermaier, Arnulf Meifert, Jean-Hervé Péron, Gunther Wustoff and Rudolf Sosna working with producer Uwe Nettelbeck and engineer Kurt Graupner.

The group formed in 1971 and located themselves in the rural setting of Wümme. They secured a lucrative record deal with Polydor and soon began recording their debut, ''Faust'', which sold poorly but received critical acclaim for its innovative approach and established a devoted fanbase. Faust became one of the premier bands in the international appreciation of the genre that would eventually be known as krautrock.

Faust became one of the first acts to sign to Richard Branson's Virgin Records, who embarked on a marketing campaign somewhat daring for its time, aimed at introducing Faust to UK record-buyers in as big a way as possible. ''The Faust Tapes'' was a cut-and-paste album which spliced together a large number of bits and pieces from their extensive collection of private recordings, not originally intended for release, but widely regarded today as their finest work. Virgin issued it at the then price of a single, 48 UK pence (they ...

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